Children of Teth

The first novel in the Voidworld.

When Orion Thorn, Grand Magister of Dachaigh, betrays his people in pursuit of the endless unknown of the void, Vindis Teth vows revenge. Years later, a terrorist group, the Children of Teth, mount fear campaigns across the continent of Dachaigh and the Order of War has imposed marshal law to quell the tide of resistance.

Darius Holst makes his living selling drake scales, which the College of Magical Languages buys up in bulk. In search of untapped lands Darius and his partners travel further up the Dragon Alps than most people dare and finds himself embroiled in a grand conspiracy involving the College, dragons and the void itself.

Lathran Shadow grew up in the shadowlands, the group of villages north of the Dragon Alps untouched by College influence. Despite this, he always dreamed of one day attending the College. When he finally realises his dream, he finds that College life isn’t all studying and discovery. He must contend with both his ruthlessly competitive fellow students and an establishment that resents where he comes from if he is to come out on top.

Cenha Daeth is a controller on the Void Engine Artemis, a college ship in search of Orion Thorn. When the Artemis is attacked by an unknown battleship, Cenha is captured and taken to Thorn’s planet as a prisoner. There she sets out incite a rebellion and get home.

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