I’m Playing Final Fantasy VI Again

Nostalgia tends to cloud our judgment. I am well aware of this fact so to test myself, I like to go back and play my top five favourite games to see if they hold up.

Final Fantasy VI isn’t just my favourite Final Fantasy, it’s my favourite game of all time. It has such a close place to in my heart that was almost scared to play it again. I bought the Android port a while ago and despite its terrible controls and strange, out of place, new sprites, I really enjoyed it. I think it speaks volumes about the quality of the base game when you can play a terrible port and still have fun.

But, like I did with the San Andreas post, I have to look at Final Fantasy VI with that same critical eye.

Does it hold up against the more recent Final Fantasy’s?

Abso-fucking-lutely. After Final Fantasy X the series really did take a tumble down the shitter. Two of the numbered entries in the series are MMO’s, XII, while it was generally pretty good (I enjoyed it), didn’t reach the same standard as previous titles, and let’s not get into the bullshit that was XIII and all of it’s forced spinoffs.  And while XV is a solid game, and a step in the right direction for the series, it still couldn’t capture the magic that came from the pre-Enix days.

Comparatively, Final Fantasy VI still has brilliant characters, great environments, a magic system that, to this day, is one of my favourite systems, and the very best villain in all of Gamerdom (who the fuck is Sephiroth?). If I have to be critical, I would say some of the dialogue is a little dated. As a fan of subtle exposition, Final Fantasy VI does break some of my own personal rules surrounding character dialogue.

Also, as someone who hates grind, Final Fantasy VI does have its grindy moments. Funnily enough though, it’s definitely not as bad as I remember it. In fact, I must have been shit at games when I was a kid, because I remember this shit being way harder. Now I’m not one to bitch about games being too easy, in fact, I really enjoy easy games. I play them for fun generally, and I love Final Fantasy VI for it’s story and atmosphere more than the gameplay itself.

So after awhile of playing, I can confidently say that Final Fantasy VI is still my absolute favourite game. Though I still haven’t finished it, because eventually the terrible controls of the Android port got to me. Recently though, I bought it again on Steam (Summer Sale ftw) and I’m going to have another crack at it. Maybe for Youtube or something. No promises there, I’m not so good at keeping up with Youtube series.