In Memory of Major Deng

Today, this world has lost a hero. Perhaps the greatest hero we have ever known, or will ever know. Words cannot express the deep hole that has been left in his absence, but I will try. For his sake.

Lok Deng in position

Major Lok ‘Walker’ Deng was with the XCOM Project from the early days. From the very first mission he was an integral member of the team. An expert sniper, Major Deng racked up thirty-six kills over thirteen missions, by far the highest kill count of any of the soldiers. His fate was nearly sealed during an earlier, disastrous mission Operation Flying Father, where an entire squad was wiped out by Chryssalids. If he hadn’t been nursing an injury during that mission, maybe his death would have come earlier or maybe he would have turned the tide.

Operation Flying Father was a disaster

That day Lok Deng lost a number of his trusted colleagues, including Lieutenant Tendai Mubu, who was another early member and good friend of Deng. Some say their death never left him, even as he stepped into that skyranger that took him to his last mission.

Operation Bloody Heat was a disaster from the outset. Dropped into Nagoya, Japan in a futile attempt to save a population from being butchered. We could never have anticipated what awaited them there. Deng, accompanied by Sergeant Amber Wouters, Lieutenant Yumi Fujiwara, Squaddie Bolanle Jalloh, Squaddie Masahiro Ogawa and Squaddie Mary Ferguson were confronted with a new enemy. The Cyberdisc, a hovering robot death machine, tore through the team, and Major Deng made the ultimate sacrifice. He had the chance to flee, he could have climbed onto the skyranger and made it back to base, but he chose to stay. Squaddie Ferguson had been pinned down by a Chryssalid Zombie and Deng refused to leave without her. He was taken down by the Cyberdisc while he waited, at the precipice of his escape.

We will never forget Major Deng and his contributions. His memory lives on. And while he can never be truly replaced, a new sniper has risen through the ranks to become the Project’s primary sniper. Sergeant Anna Volkova will do Lok Deng’s legacy proud I’m sure.

God damn X-Rays.