Finish Them: XCOM Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based tactical strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. It’s a reboot of the original XCOM games and quite a well received one.

The first aliens you encounter in XCOM.

In XCOM, the player is put in charge of a top secret facility located in an area of the player’s choice. From there they send out soldiers to defend Earth from a hostile alien invasion. The player makes the decisions in regards to everything the base does, research, deployment, recruitment and other things. Because the facility is funded by various countries around the world the player is required to keep these countries happy so as to keep getting their money. They do this by launching satellites over the countries or sending troops in to defend. Because the player only has access to one dropship for troops they have to be careful about where they send their troops. Failing to please countries can lead to them pulling their funding from the XCOM Project, making the game harder to complete.

Squad selection screen for missions.

I’ve had XCOM for a long time now. Like Sacred 2, I got XCOM in a Humble Bundle, along with all of the other XCOM games (to quell any sort of speculation: the original XCOM games are not in the pool of games to finish, though I do have them). I’ve also played it a lot, but I’ve never managed to actually finish it. In fact I really haven’t managed to get that far at all. This time, the plan is to complete the game in Ironman mode (the only way I ever play). As always, I have a week. For XCOM I do plan on possibly making some mini-posts that detail my progress. XCOM just seems like the kind of game that warrants that.