Finish Them: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel was released in 2008 for PC and then a year later for Xbox 360 and PS3. It is a fantasy ARPG. So I’m in for a treat, because I’m not such a big fan of ARPGs. I never really have been, but I’ll play it of course. (as a side note: There will be a lot of ARPGs, because I have a few that I haven’t played, for obvious reasons).

I believe I got Sacred 2 from a Humble Bundle at some point (where I got most of the games I haven’t finished).

The rules are simple. I have until next Thursday to play Sacred 2. If I fail to finish it in that time then I move on. I’ll still write a piece about how far I got and where I got to. I might not finish everything I start, but I’ll at least try.

Robot dogs are always the way to go

I’ve already started playing Sacred 2. I chose that robot dog thing as a character so that should be fun. Already accidentally summoned some massive demon thing that tried to kill me shortly after. I think I chose the evil path at the beginning but honestly I’m not sure. Even for an RPG it was kinda complicated. I’m not entirely sure I like drawn out character set ups to be honest.